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Kim Earrings provoke big trouble small children
Jewelry Accessory Supply / 2010-04-20

Vancouver Winter Olympics figure skating, this most beautiful of Competition in South Korea, Kim beautiful children a record high score and win, Japan's Mao Asada only runner-up. But this contention has not finalized the end of the gold medal, after the game, Japan and South Korea's media and Internet users began attacking each other, much worse. Recently, Japanese media even earrings from Kim on the children pick a fault, that their wear patterns are a company trademark earrings violation of the "Olympic Charter", a gold medal may be canceled.
Many people will not forget that the game is full of beauty, well-known Korean player Kim's performance was the perfect child to a record 228.56 points and won the Vancouver Winter Olympics women's figure skating gold medal in single skating. Her main rival Japan's Mao Asada slight errors in the free program, to 205.50 points won the silver medal. This two-year battle from two games to complete records and the circumstances, the results are considered the bounds of reason. But after the game, Japan and South Korea's media and Internet users began to attack each other. Recently, a Japanese media report said the network,
"Kim J children to wear during the competition the company trademark pattern of earrings, this approach is likely to violate the" Olympic Charter, "Article 51, paragraph 2." Adding, "for such acts should be deprived of his gold medal determination."
"Olympic Charter," Article 51, paragraph 2 states: "all the places in the Olympic Games are not allowed any form of advertising." Stipulated in the relevant rules, the Olympic Games by participants dressed in full costume and props used in items appear on the prohibition of advertising, if they breach the provisions of the Council of the International Olympic Committee stripped of their right to qualify. The face of this incredible "discovery" and "accused", Korean netizens expressed their condemnation, frankly ashamed of this nitpicking people, said the Japanese media does not recognize the official results of the competition in a manner "not only dirty, disgusting."
In fact, after the game, users have accused the Kim children in Japan as "bribery," the referee may, the two sides continued to upgrade the network argument, or even attack other sites of mutual events. Cause such excesses game, which seems contrary to the spirit of the Olympic movement.
However, Kim is preparing the children did not respond to this incident. She is most concerned about is the end of this month at the upcoming world championships in Turin, Italy, as the defending champion, she must maintain good performance. Children Kim said: "I do not intend to pursue success, but would like to relaxed state of mind, enjoy the game. Through the Winter Olympics game I gain self-confidence, so from that can be accomplished." Her rival Mao Asada has Four years later began preparing for Sochi Olympics, but this month the Competition in the World Championship as the two will be the focus of attention.

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