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Order Processing and Distribution
Jewelry Accessory Supply / 2010-04-20

Purchase Description:
(1), we have received your goods remittances sent the same day.
(2), accessories and special products for faster updates, perhaps in processing your order, you set the merchandise has been out of stock, in this case, if you do not have special requirements that we do not also inform you that we will count the amount of the missing goods in your balance.
(3), because some of our products have a slight color difference, but the same number of goods, if the color you want the goods out of stock, we will give you an alternative similar to the other colors, if you do not need to replace Please tell us in particular.
(4), within the goods to the 2nd, as a result of product quality or product purchased is inconsistent with the order, please contact us, and we will handle immediately to return policy.
(5), the goods required for the complete packaging with products, invoices.
(6), as a result of product quality or inconsistent with the purchased products and orders involving freight costs borne by the Company; if the product is non-normal use or force majeure caused by external factors damage, as well as issues to be replaced by style The Company does not undertake freight costs.
Your satisfaction is our goal!
(A), the buying process any questions, please telephone, QQ, MSN or E-mail contact with our customer, we will contact you in the shopping process problems encountered.
(2), such as goods not received on time, customers can ask us, we will promptly conduct inquiries and provide the corresponding answer customer questions.
(3), if goods found to have quality merchandise, we will replace it.
(4), such as online merchandise out of stock, if you do not have special requirements that we do not also inform you that we will count the missing amount of goods in your balance, the
Return Policy:
In order to achieve long-term good cooperation, we are committed to product quality problems in the event of any non-human, to give the user to replace, return, returned the goods at the same time ensure that you meet the following conditions.
Returns: the customer receive the product within 2 days following problems were found in the option return or exchange.
Note: Ben Wang Returns all the special products are not within the scope;
(1) does not match with their ordered products (except out of stock we'll give you replenishment outside);
(2) any of the above in the distribution of goods produced during damage;
(3) If the product is non-normal use due to force majeure or external factors caused the damage, as well as issues to be replaced by models, Ben Wang not bear freight costs. As a result of customer's own preferences (odor, color, model, appearance) Returns request, please understand. We can not return policies;
(4) hand-made products are fashion models, but ordinary materials, if smaller defects to the normal range, Ben Wang did not return. Special products for minor defects not Return to normal Ben Wang.
Special Note: After receipt of the returned if found by the manufacturers for the malicious vandalism, this net will be held accountable, not pre-order a refund.
Returned by:
(1) If there are quality problems, we give returned immediately after receipt of the returned goods the cost of return borne by the customer, replacement costs borne by us.
(2) If a refund of balance, we will transfer by way of the Agricultural Bank of China to return the balance.
(3) in the case of home delivery customers: Returns after the confirmation of goods be delivered within one week. (Currently does not offer home delivery service)
(4) select parcel post customers: you will be asked to return, exchange of goods sent by parcel post to Ben Wang (if the order to open over invoice. Please also enclose the invoice), along with shipping list (or copy ) and state return, replacement reasons, indicate the return / exchange goods, please return, to use the simple and proper packaging (mail back the form, please use the form of surface parcels, do not use express parcel and EMS), to ensure goods in transit to maintain the status quo, Ben Wang, after receiving the goods, inspection, will be back for you, replacement or other treatment. (Similar problems had to come to contact customer service,
Then make a decision!)

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