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Yiwu jewelry wholesale market, where?
Jewelry Accessory Supply / 2010-04-20

Jewelry trade zone in the city one is divided into five areas (A zone, B Zone, C Zone, D area, E area) of specific structure types are as follows:
A District International Trade City
A District 1 Floor: Flowers (1 - 600)
A, 2nd Floor: Flower Headdress (3001 - 3600)
A District 3 Floor: decorative craft, festive craft (6001 - 6600)
A, 4th Floor: Flowers | Jewelry
B, International Trade City
B, 1st floor: Flowers | Flowers accessories plush toys (601 - 1200)
B, 2nd floor: decorative craft hair (3601 - 4200)
B, 3rd floor: decorative craft (6601 - 7200)
B, 4th Floor: crafts jewelry
C, International Trade City
C District 1 Floor: Plush Toys Stuffed Toys Toys (1201-1800)
C, 2 F: hair | jewelry
C, 3rd floor: decorative craft (7201-7800)
C, 4 F: crafts jewelry
D, International Trade City
D District 1 Floor: Toys General Toys (1801 - 2400)
D, 2nd Floor: Jewelry (4801 - 5400)
D, 3rd floor: porcelain Crystal Travel Technology | Photo Frame (7801 - 8400)
D, 4th Floor: crafts jewelry
International Trade City E Zone
E, Floor 1: General Toys (2401 - 3000)
E 2, Zone: Jewelry (5401 - 6000)
E District 3 Floor: frame jewelry accessories (8401 - 9000)
E District 4 House: Crafts Jewelry
China Yiwu International Trade City - Commerce City, a market October 22, 2002 formally put into operation, two on October 22, 2004 opening. Since its opening, one achieved by the traditional trade in goods to the show, negotiate, order and e-commerce-oriented modern management pattern; second is to achieve international trade more than domestic trade changes; Third, the hardware realization of the market Intelligent. Yiwu small commodity wholesale market's rise, laid the Yiwu Small Commodity capital of the world's foundation.
China Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market) is China Commodity City to follow the market development needs of the construction of international modern wholesale market. Divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H eight districts; A, B, C, D, E for the five areas, Futian Market, F, G, H, Futian market, for the three zones 2. China Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market) structures such as the following table Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market) a project covers an area of 420 mu, building area of 340,000 square meters, set the main market, manufacturer outlet centers, procurement centers of goods, storage center, dining center and five business areas, a total of 10,007 commercial spaces
Business gifts, jewelry, toys, flowers and corporate sales centers. Daily traffic reached more than 50,000 people, goods sold in over 140 countries and regions, over 90% of commercial spaces to undertake foreign trade, exports accounted for more than 80%. Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market) a novel architecture, the five commercial districts were arranged in half-moon, beautiful environment, merchants gathered, called shopping, tourism and leisure as one of the international business center.

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